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Select the required category


Select the type of index in the first item. You don’t need to enter the entire text or title in the second item, it is sufficient to enter, e.g., the initial three letters. If you leave the second item empty, all documents are shown.

[indexes -> keywords]

Entries sought. Should you have any opinions or comments on a book or work, feel free to add a comment.

[Place for your comments]

Enter your name, the subject of the comment and the comment itself. To secure against spam messages, copy the five-digit/letter code in the adjacent item. If you want to respond to the comments already added, click on the subject of the comment and write the text.

[Readers – loans]

After registration, enter the number of your card and your surname. If you have not yet registered, click on New Registration.


After login, enter the number of your card and your surname. If you have yet not registered your PIN, click on the link.

[Online registration]

To register yourself, enter data in the empty items. Items marked with an asterisk must be filled in.

[loans and reservations]

If you want to use your PIN instead of your card number, click on Set PIN Data about the User Summary of loans and orders: Borrowed books and their data.

[searching -> results -> record display]

Detailed record of the title: by switching between individual variants of displaying the book description in the bottom part of the page you will find data about the copies.

[indexes -> results]

Listing of the records found

[Searching in the catalogue]

- only fill in the fields you need to fill in; if you use more fields, you will reduce searching
- you can enter one or several words in the field, separate individual words with a space
- you can use capital or small letters
- the sequence of words does not matter
- you can select sorting of the resultant set of records according to titles in ascending or descending order
- if you tick the selection “without diacritics”, the system will search, for example, the entered word "červený" and its variants without diacritics, i.e. “cerveny”
- to search records only containing parts of words, use the * sign (entered měst* - found město, města, městský, etc.)
- the minimum length of words to be searched is 3-letter (do not enter words like “a”, “is” , “to” etc.)
- records containing all the entered words in all filled-in fields are searched (i.e. AND operation)
- if you enter words that are too general, e.g. history or Czech Republic, a large amount of records can be found
- the field “Words from the title” also searches in the so-called “data about responsibility” (names of authors, translators, illustrators, etc.), which in data terms are part of the field containing the title
- the field “Keywords” searches in all fields of factual description – i.e. in the data describing what the given document deals with (e.g. keywords, person as a subject, place as a subject, factual topic, etc.)
- the field “Publisher” - you can enter the title or part of the title of the publishing house
- dates and years are mostly stated in records in the YYYY or YYYYMMDD formats – therefore, when searching them, it is suitable to enter in the field “Date of publication” a value with right-hand extension * (e.g. 2005* for all records from 2005, 200406* for articles from June 2004, etc.)

[Authority searching]

-here you can search through authority files (authority indexes)
-searching in all fields of authority records
-by clicking on the found authority, a list of bibliographic records in which it is used is displayed
-by clicking on the záznamy icon, a detailed authority record is displayed

[Global searching]

Enter the required record and resource. If you want to search in all resources, select all resources.

[Advanced searching]

After adding the line of retrieval, enter the logical operator and / or the category. Select a field in retrieval lines, comparison with category 1. If you enter the interval, write the beginning of the interval in category 1 and the end of the interval in category 2. The relation (logical operator) is marked between the lines, between the line above the operator and beneath the operator. To search in all resources, select All Resources.


Date of prolongation To return, click on OK.

[Send an email:]

Enter the recipient’s email address in the upper item. Write the text of the email in the bottom item.

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